Sweetzone Bags

The Sweetzone range of bags provides a popular selection of high quality and tasty sweets with a broad offer of marshmallows, jelly sweets, chews, lollipops, hard candy, pencil jelly and more. We can honestly say ours is one of the best ranges of bags worldwide with a consistent high level of quality found throughout the range.


Marshmallows are definitely one of our best selling categories of sweets and are an extremely popular choice all year round.

Mallow TwistsMighty MallowsFruity Mallows Bags

Mallow Twists 160g Bags – 20 pieces of long mallow twists in each bag. Mallow Twists are a top seller in marshmallows and also one of our best overall sellers. Nobody else makes marshmallows in this format so it’s quite a unique line.

Mighty Mallows 140g Bags – Another very popular favourite available in most of the major supermarkets. Classic pink and white marshmallows with a tasty strawberry and vanilla flavour.

Fruity Mallows 140g Bags – These are similar to Mighty Mallows but for those who like more fruity flavours. Each bag contains strawberry, raspberry, mango and apple flavours.

Mini Mallows 140g Bags – Another popular choice for those who like them with ice cream, coffee, desserts and home cooking or just because you like smaller piece sizes.

Mallow Mix – A nice marshmallow mix of mallow hearts, bears, twists and strawberries.


Jelly sweets are another popular category and it seems people just can’t get enough of them. All three of our jelly mixes are great choices and we sell them in the millions.

Tangy Mix 200 BagsParty Mix 200gFizzy Mix 200g Bags

Fizzy Mix 180g Bags – Fizzy Mix has a fizzy mixture of strawberry puffs, fizzy blue bottles, fizzy cola bottles, fizzy watermelon rings and blue raspberry bottles.

Party Mix 180g bags – Party Mix has a nice jelly mix with cola bottles, happy bears, fried eggs and fruity hearts.

Tangy Mix 180g Bags – Tangy Mix is a sour mix with sour mini strawberries, sour fizzy blue bottles, sour fizzy cola bottles and sour bears.

180g & 200g CHEWS BAGS

We have been told numerous times that our chews are honestly amongst the best you will find anywhere and we have quite a good choice of them too so the range really does cater for all tastes.

Fruit ChewsMega Stix BagsTropical Blast


Fruit Chews 200g Bags – Our fruit chews are a genuinely great product and quite unlike any other fruit chews in the UK as they also have a tasty centre filling. Our fruit chews come with strawberry, cherry, apple and orange flavours and we get a lot of positive feedback on the quality of the texture as well as the flavours. Try them and see!

Mega Stix 200g Bags – Mega Stix are a great and very popular choice amongst our customers. With full on flavours and a great texture they are quite moreish and some people can get protective over them.

Tropical Blast 200g Bags – These are one of our tastiest products. Like our normal fruit chews, these are centre filled but this time they come with a melon and pineapple centre, or alternatively watermelon and tropical centre. These are overall fruity, tasty,  and refreshingly different to any chews you’ve had before.

Sour Fruit Chews 180g Bags – Like our fruit chews with a tasty centre filling but more suited to those who like a bit of a tang to their sweets! Available in Apple, Orange, Lemon & Tropical flavours.

Coffee Moments Chews – Coffee flavours appears to the adult market more than children. However with a high quality, smooth coffee flavour these  have a great taste and nice texture as well. Well worth trying.


Lollipops are still good sellers and the market for hard candy while not as popular as softer eating sweets is still buoyant.


Rainbow Lollies 182g Bags – Lollies have always been a popular choice and rainbow lollies never fail to disappoint. With over 27 lollies in each bag these are great for parties and events, as a reward for reaching goals, or just because you like great tasting lollies and good value for money. Rainbow lollies come with an assortment of great flavours with each bag containing strawberry, apple , orange and cherry flavours.

Mily Mix – Milky flavoured hard candy sweets with a centre filling available  in Melon, Peach, Strawberry & Sour Cherry flavours.

Double Fruits – These are hard candy with a 15% fruit centre filling. Extremely tasty with two flavours in each sweet – these come in Strawberry/Raspberry, Mango/Orange and Lemon/Sour Cherry flavours.


Pencil Jelly is a classic Sweetzone line going back well over 10 years. It is quite a unique product but it sell really well. What it is really is real jelly in a sachet that you open and squeeze the jelly out. You can squeeze it out our slurp it out depending on how you like to do it. It’s a tasty, popular and unique product and we have strawberry, apple, mango, pineapple, lychee and blueberry flavours in each pack.


Small bags are great as a treat for lunch boxes or parties or those on portion controlled diets or for small people in general. We have a wide range with classic lines like cola bottles and gummy bears, as well as vegan options like rainbow pencils and rainbow belts and the classic mixes like party mix, fizzy mix and tangy mix!