Sweetzone Exports

World Map

Sweetzone products have been widely available within the United Kingdom and Ireland since 2003. In recent years our export business has also been steadily developing and we currently supply to a growing number of countries around the world, including Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

With products made to our own proprietary UK recipes, the evidence would suggest that there are many countries around the world who appreciate the quality provided by Sweetzone, and find the range to be distinctive enough to sit well alongside the other offerings within their market.

The quality of the products and the size of the range, combined with HMC halal certification makes the range a very individual proposition, even when taken within the wider context of a global marketplace.

As a result of this differentiation, combined with the fact that we are a British brand, Sweetzone is a range that can be warmly received by consumers and retailers within the majority of countries in the world.

This should hold true at the very least in those countries where the people have an appreciation of what good quality confectionery truly is, and also in those countries where halal confectionery that is certified by a trusted and reliable authority is appreciated.

With multilingual packaging  and UK approved specifications, the majority of products will already be compliant and “ready to go” in countries where European food products are already imported. Many of our products are available with French, German, Dutch and Arabic translations.

There are numerous sectors to be covered in each territory including those which we currently service in the UK such as:

Supermarket Chains
Cash and Carry Groups
Convenience Retailers, Newsagents and Kiosks
Confectionery Wholesalers
Foodservice & Catering Wholesalers
Sweet Shop Chains
Ice Cream Parlour Chains & Ice Cream Trade Wholesalers
Coffee Shop Chains & Wholesalers
Buffet Restaurant Chains
Forecourts & Travel Outlets
Halal Products Wholesalers
Islamic Retailers & Boutiques
Cinemas & Tourist Attractions
Wedding, Party and Events Organisers
Online Retailers
Pick N’ Mix Specialists

For established importers and distributors worldwide with a national sales force and developed trade connections, Sweetzone is an ideal brand that can sit well within any portfolio of confectionery products.

If this describes your operation and you believe you could distribute Sweetzone successfully within your country, please email exports@sweetzone.co.uk with some background information on your company and details of the scope of your coverage of the market within your territory.