Halal Pencil Jelly

Sweetzone Pencil Jelly is a tasty, innovative and popular product in our range.

It’s a ready to eat jelly that’s inside a sachet and is available in 6 great flavours – Strawberry, Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Lychee and Raspberry.

Why do People Like Pencil Jelly?

While we wouldn’t go as far as to call it a healthy snack for children, it is certainly better than standard confectionery in terms of sugar content. It’s also quite good in terms of sharing out a bag between a class of children or giving the children something to keep them happy, that’s not too bad for them and they they enjoy like any other sweets.

With fruit juice, natural flavours and also being fat free, and at the same time being¬†slightly experiential and tasty, pencil jelly really is quite a cool product. And it’s also suitable for vegetarians.

Finally, and as an added bonus for those amongst you who like to know they are getting good value for their hard earned cash, you can rest assured that Pencil Jelly bags offer tremendous value with 20 assorted pencil jellies (400g) of product in each bag.