Mighty Mallows

Mighty Mallows


What are Mighty Mallows?

Mighty Mallows are classic pink and white marshmallows, with the added bonus of being 100% halal. 


What do people use them for?

They are a delicious product which can be eaten on their own – a lot of people love marshmallows and it’s their favourite type of sweet.

They are also used in cakes and baking products, in chocolate fountains, and for toasting over campfires on day trips and at barbecues during the Summer.


How big are they?

Each piece weighs 3g. They measure about 3cm x 2cm


How much does each pack weigh?

Each pack weighs 140g.

How come there are so many marshmallows available but people seem to like Mighty Mallows the best?

Good question. We went out and asked people why it was that they preferred Mighty Mallows

1. People found that they had better flavours and preferred the taste 

2. People preferred the soft texture and overall quality of the product

3. People had loyalty to Sweetzone and said it was their favourite brand of sweets

4. People have trust in Sweezone products being 100% halal

Are they HMC Certified?