About Sweetzone

Sweetzone products have been distributed nationally throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland since 2003, and the brand is well represented in most major towns and cities throughout the UK. Our international distribution is also growing with the Sweetzone brand becoming increasingly well known in many countries around the world .

The Sweetzone range of products is extensive and covers the following types of products:

Candy Floss
Jelly Sweets
Belts & Pencils (Liquorice)
Screwballs (Bubblegum)
Real Jelly

We provide these in a variety of formats including prepacks for supermarkets, as well as in bulk format and tubs for wholesalers, sweet shops and a diverse range of other customers.

We have many customers ranging from major supermarkets and multiple wholesale chains, through to independent cash and carries, van sales and confectionery wholesalers. Additionally we supply to a wide range of specialist businesses such as online vendors, cinemas, department stores, foodservice providers, coffee shops, ice cream wholesalers, travel and leisure outlets, to name a few.

All of our products are 100% halal, and many are also suitable for vegetarians.