Sweetzone 10p Pencils

10p pencils are a popular favourite in sweet shops, newsagents, and pick and mix selections. It would be fair to say that no sweet selection is truly complete without a selection of liquorice pencils, and these are popular sweets that most people will know well from their childhood.

We provide our pencils in Strawberry, Assorted, Fizzy Strawberry and Fizzy Assorted Flavours.

Our assorted boxes prove very popular with a great selection flavours in every tub including Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Cola, Apple, Pineapple

10p-fizzy-strawberry-pencils-retouch_rgb 10p-fizzy-assorted-pencils-retouched_rgb

As well as tasting great, Sweetzone pencils are also gelatin free, and suitable for vegetarians making them an ideal choice for parties, events and convenience stores with good sweet sections.