Vegetarian Sweets

Vegetarian SweetsAt Sweetzone Ltd, we believe that all everyone should be able to enjoy our products. To do this we provide and sell vegetarian sweets in order to match different dietary requirements that our customers may have.

Some sweets may contain gelatine which is taken from animals, and vegetarians and vegans at times will choose not to eat it. We guarantee that our supply of vegetarian sweets is 100% gelatine free.

We are proud to stock a range of tasty treats at reasonable prices that are suitable to vegetarians including pencil jellies, candy floss, rainbow belts, rainbow pencils and party lollies. All of our products can be sold either individually prepacked or in bulk format, making Sweetzone the perfect place to buy wholesale for your small sweet shop or large supermarket store. We can supply large or small quantities of a variety of vegetarian sweets for buyers.

Vegetarian ConfectioneryOur sweets are produced in state of the art factories in the UK, which guarantees food safety and high standards remain in place throughout the entire process.

This will also ensure that there is no cross-contamination when producing vegetarian sweets.

We want all our buyers to be able to provide for their own range of customers and the dietary preferences they have, as well as enjoying the products themselves too!

If you have any questions about our vegetarian range of sweets please don’t hesitate to call us on 01382 738000 and speak to a member of the Sweetzone team. Alternatively, email us any queries at and we will make sure we respond as quickly as possible.