Vegan Sweets

A poll conducted in 2018 found that 14% of the population in the UK are classed as vegetarians and 7% of the population are vegan.

Given the poll covered only 2,000 people it’s not entirely conclusive, but whatever the real number is there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans in the UK, and also around the world with the number growing.

In terms of our range, we have a number of products that are both suitable for vegans and vegetarians. These include the following:

Vegan Rainbow Belts 1Kg Bags, 960g Tubs & 90g Bags
Rainbow Pencils – 1Kg Bags, 960g tubs and 90g bags – not 10p pencils)

Candy Floss (All Formats)
Lollipops (Rainbow Lollies Bags & Jars, Blue Tongue Painter Lollies Jars, Creamy Lollies Jars, Duo Lollies Jars)

Vegan Cola Bottles 170g Tubs
Vegan Fizzy Cola bottles 180g Tubs
Vegan Gummy Bears 170g Tubs
Vegan Fizzy Gummy Bears 170g