Tub Sweets

Tub sweets are one of our best selling ranges for wholesalers, cash and carries, pick and mix outlets and supermarkets.

With over 30 varieties in our range, the Sweetzone range is one of the the largest in the the United Kingdom, rivalled only by the size of Haribo’s range.

It is also one of the best quality ranges available and with the largest range of 1p sweets available from any provider in the UK it is quite individual and distinct from other ranges on the market.

All our tubs are HMC certified giving our halal customers extra reassurance that the products are 100% halal suitable. This makes them ideal for weddings, functions, parties and other events..


1p Blue Raspberry Bottles 1p Bubblegum Balls

1p Cola Bottles
1p Fizzy Blue Bottles

    1p Fizzy Cherry Bottles  1p Fizzy Cola Bottles

1p Fizzy Mini Strawberries

1p Fruity Hearts

1p Fizzy WormsSweetzone 1p Happy Bears Sweetzone 1p Juicy Lips

    1p Little Teeth 1p Juicy Berries 

   Sweetzone 1p Rainbow Belts

1p Rainbow Pencils

  Sweetzone 1p Sour Bears1p Strawberry Puffs

1p Fizzy Watermelon Bottles


5p Fizzy Giant Strawberries 5p Giant Strawberries  5p Sour Snakes  5p Sour Suckers  5p Sour Twin Cherries  5p Twin Cherries
 5p Fizzy Rings
5p Watermelon Rings  

10p Blue Raspberry Bottles

 10p Fizzy Cherry Bottles retouch_rgb 10p Giant Cola Bottles  10p Giant Fizzy Blues retouch_rgb 10p Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles


180g Tubs