Sweetzone Shop


We are currently testing the concept of an online shop with a view to implementing a full e-commerce solution later this year.

Here’s how it works at present.

A. Phone to place an order over the phone

Or alternatively,

1. Download the spreadsheet below by clicking on the link below entitled “Sweetzone Consumer Pricelist 2019”

Sweetzone Consumer Pricelist 2019 (the file is to the left)

2. Select which items you want and enter how many of each of them in the Quantity column

3. Enter your name and contact details at the bottom.

4. Save the spreadsheet then email it to orders@sweetzone.co.uk

5. We will confirm receipt of the order, confirm if the order is fine. You then transfer the funds.

6. You receive the order within 2 days via DHL or Parcelforce

We can accept payments via bank transfer, credit card or debit card.

If you have any questions, please email, or alternatively call the office on 01382 738000.