Halal Marshmallows

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Sweetzone marshmallows are popular, delicious and have been a best-selling category within our range for over 10 years.

Whether it’s the soft texture, the delicious flavours, the quality packaging, or a mixture of all these things, these go down a treat all year round.

All of our marshmallows are also 100% halal and fat free, making them suitable for a large variety of our customers.

Fruity Mallows

Fruity Mallows are an assortment of Mango, Watermelon, Raspberry and Strawberry marshmallows. Great for baking, pick and mix, and generally an interesting selection of flavours.

Mango is our favourite, what’s yours?

Fruity Mallows














Monster Mallows







Monster Mallows are a unique type of marshmallow that are a square shape. Half of each square is pink (strawberry) and the other half is white (vanilla flavour). Each marshmallow is just over 8g in size which is about 3 times the size of a standard mighty mallow which makes them quite monstrous in size. They also have extra strong flavours which taste extremely pleasant.


Mini Mallows

Mini mallows are perfect as a topping for coffee, cakes and ice cream. 100% halal and ideal as a small treat for children as well.


Mallow Mix

Mallow mix provides a mix of that provide a good assortment of different shapes. These include mini twists, bears, strawberries and hearts.