Our lollies are excellent and the quality is very much aligned with the high standards you find throughout the Sweetzone range.

Our 182g bags contain 27 lollies in each so are ideal as a sharing bag, are great for party bags, functions or just as a small portion-controlled treat to give the children which will last a long time and keep them happy. Great for students as well as a small treat while hitting the books and/or for get togethers playing FIFA or chilling.

Each bag contains a tasty mix of strawberry, orange, cola and apple flavours. The flavours are high quality and these are seriously enjoyable lollies.



We also provide a range of jars which are ideal for convenience stores and kiosks.

You have 150 x 5p Rainbow Lollies which contain the same great selection of flavours that you would find in our Rainbow Lollies bags.

150 x 5p Blue Tongue Painter lollies are always a popular choice for the young and young at heart. Real nice raspberry flavour and a bright colour that paints the tongue nicely.

150 x 5p Creamy Lollies are creamy flavoured lollies and come in lemon, strawberry, sour cherry and raspberry flavours. These are something a bit different to the standard lollies on the market and are a popular choice for people who like the creamy, milky flavours or fancy something a bit different from the norm.

72 x 10p Duo Lollies are a larger sized lolly with double flavours and filled with bubblegum. It’s like two sweets in one (almost) and gives double the fun for only 10p.