Jelly Cups

Sweetzone Bags - Jelly Cups

Jelly cups are a great product. Smaller than the pots of jelly you would typically find in the supermarkets, these offer jelly in a variety of great flavours including Strawberry, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Apple  and Lychee flavours.

The flavours are fantastic, and it’s a truly superb jelly that proves to be refreshing and enjoyable. These are ideal as a treat for children as kids love them. Jelly cups also have the benefit of being lower in sugar, fat and calories than most types of traditional confectionery, as well as containing real fruit juice.


Jelly Cups Jars Jelly Cups are also available in jars containing 50 assorted cups. Our jelly cups are of a soft and pliant texture and are intended to be eaten with a spoon, or by alternatively by squeezing the jelly out gently, and eating it in multiple bites. Many customers enjoy to mix the jellies into a bowl or plate to make a tasty mix along with ice cream.

The jars are often sold in supermarkets as a complete unit as a family multi-buy option, which makes for great sharing with family or friends.