Halal Chew Sweets

At Sweetzone, we don’t tend to make big claims about products, but with these chews bags we are going to make an exception.

Hands down, these will be the best chews you are likely to ever taste. Made with real fruit juice and with a delectable selection of premium quality flavours and natural colours, the people who have tried them just keep eating them, they really are that good!

Fruit Chews 225g Bags


Fruit ChewsFruit Chews Individual

These Fruit Chews are quite an innovative product  in the sense that they are centre filled chews with a 10% fruit filling and they are also delicious. Available in Strawberry, Cherry, Apple and Orange flavours, as far as fruit chews go these are definitely of a very good quality and a bit more interesting and tasty than those standard fruit chews available in a square style. We decided that the normal square ones were quite boring as everyone seems to do them and are a lot happier with these ones as they are quite simply better.

Mega Stix 225g Bags

Mega Stix Bags

Mega Stix Individual2Mega Stix are tasty little chew sticks which normally retail for 5p individually. Our Mega Stix come in Watermelon, Cola, Strawberry and Cherry flavours.

These tasty and chewy little sticks of pleasure seem to be a firm favourite with people of all ages and they just seem to go through them one after the other. The taste is fantastic and with over 30 pieces in every bag they offer excellent value for money too.

Tropical Blast 225g Bags

Tropical Blast

Tropical Blast Individual

With a name like Tropical Blast, you might not know what to expect with these. All we can advise you is to give them a try because they are truly fab!

These are centre filled chews in Melon and Pineapple combination and Watermelon & Tropical varieties and have a 10% fruit filling with natural colours.

Try them and you’ll be hooked for sure!