Sweetzone Exports

World Map

Sweetzone products are widely available within the United Kingdom and Ireland, where our products have been sold since 2003. We have a broad coverage of the UK market serving retail, wholesale, foodservice and online channels.

Current clients include many household names with a large number of the major supermarkets and wholesale chains within the United Kingdom stocking Sweetzone products.

In addition to the multiple wholesalers and retailers, Sweetzone distributors cover the independent market via direct calls on convenience stores, independent supermarkets, and other small businesses with a requirement for our products.

We have received more interest has been received from overseas markets in the last few years, particularly where customers have a requirement for  halal confectionery within the region. Halal confectionery is an area in which Sweetzone specialises, with all of our products being halal and 100% suitable for the Muslim market.

If you are interested in bringing Sweetzone products to your country, please email exports@sweetzone.co.uk with some background information on your company and your proposal and we’ll be happy to assist.