Bulk Sweets

We have one of the largest and best ranges of bulk available with over 50 varieties available. There is a large demand for bulk jelly sweets from sweet shops, pick and mix outlets, leisure outlets and cinemas.  There are also many companies who repack sweets into their own sweet cubes, sweet cones, small bags and other forms of value added packaging.

Smart retailers catering to weddings, parties, birthdays, parties and functions can often sell the 1kg bags as a multibuy deal i.e. 3 for £10.

For bulk marshmallows we have a good demand from coffee shops, dessert parlours, bakeries, ice cream vendors and wholesale cash and carries.

For smaller customers we carry a range that has a selection of core lines, as well as other new lines that keep the range fresh and interesting.

For further information on the possibilities of our range of bulk confectionery, please contact our sales team.

Fizzy Strawberry Pencils

Apple & Custard Hearts

Energy Pencils

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Fizzy Rainbow Bottles

Fizzy Rainbow Rings

Watermelon Bottles

Giant Blue Raspberry Bottles

Jelly Blue Twist Kisses

Sour Apple Rings

Strawberry & Cream Bricks

Sour Worms

Blue Raspberry Bottles

Fizzy Blue Bottles

Sour Bears

Mini Frogs

Little Teeth

Fizzy Strawberry Hearts

Fruity Hearts

Strawberry Pencils

Liquorice Cream Rock

Blue Raspberry Bricks

Jelly Peacholas

Juicy Berries

Giant Fizzy Blue Bottles

Foam Blue Raspberry

Foam Strawberry

Strawberry Puffs

Sugared Lemons

Sugar Apples

Fizzy Cherry Bottles

Blue Dolphins

Twin Cherries

Jelly Strawberry Cones

Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles

Cola Bottles

Rainbow Belts

Premium Multicolour Flowers

Assorted Sour Lips

Assorted Jelly Turtles

Assorted Flowers

Strawberry Pencils

Rhubarb & Custard Pencils

Tangy Mix

Party Mix

Rainbow Pencils