Bulk Marshmallows

Our range of bulk marshmallows are a fast selling line for Sweetzone and are used by a wide variety of our foodservice and pick and mix customers.

They are a versatile product that can be put to many uses for those who like making products at home for their family and friends such as coffees, cakes, and ice cream, as well as trade customers who use these products as toppings and inclusions within their range.

Sweetzone Bulk Mighty Mallows 1kg

Mighty Mallows are the largest ones and are supplied in a 3g piece size.

These are commonly used for chocolate fountains, in pick and mix, for baking purposes, and sometimes by ice cream parlours and food manufacturers.

Sweetzone Bulk Mini Mallows 1kg

Mini mallows are commonly used in high quality dessert parlours and coffee shops as a topping. We also have customers who pack them in added value forms of packaging, for pick and mix, and for repackaging them in smaller bags that sell at convenient price points for the consumers.

Sweetzone Bulk Micro Mallows 1kg


Micro Mallows go great in the Summer with ice cream vans and dessert parlours who use them as a topping for ice creams and other products.


Other shapes we do include circle mallows, heart mallows and mini twist mallows.

Circle Mallows – Ideal for chocolate fountains and pick and mix

Heart Mallows – Great  for weddings, love themes, Valentines day and repackers making sweet cones, gift cubes and so on.

Mini Twists Mallows – Like miniature versions of our iconic Mallow twists. Ideal for pick and mix and for those making bespoke products

Campfire-Cake-2 Marshmallows Ice Cream 2     Marshmallows Ice Cream

ChocMarshmallow-cake     Birthday Cake     Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

For large buyers of bulk marshmallows, we can arrange bespoke packs and colours to the required specification. The minimum order would be 1 ton for bespoke orders.

Please note our bulk marshmallows are produced in a British Retail Consortium Accredited facility, are all 100% halal and are made with only the highest quality ingredients. They also look and taste very nice.

Bulk Mallows