Sweetzone Bags

If you have shops near you that stock our full range of Sweetzone bags then you’re in for a treat.

Our bags range provides a great selection of high quality and tasty sweets with a broad offer of marshmallows, jelly sweets, chews, lollipops, pencil jelly and more, all 100% halal and many suitable for vegetarians.


Mallow Twists

Mallow Twists are one of our most popular lines. This is a massive bag of 20 mallow twisters that are great for sharing with friends and family.


Mighty Mallows are good sized sharing bag with a halal version of the classic favourite, pink and white marshmallows.

Fruity Mallows Bags

Fruity Mallows are a large bag like Mallow Twists offering an assortment of Strawberry, Watermelon, Mango and Raspberry marshmallows.monster-m
Monster Mallows are a product unique to Sweetzone with 20 marshmallows squares in each pack. Each individual square is half pink and half white and they come with extra strong vanilla and strawberry flavours. Very tasty!


Pencil Jelly Bags

Pencil jelly is like real jelly in a in a fun and convenient jelly stick format. Great for kids, ideal for vegetarians, and also a slightly healthier option than normal sweets due to the low sugar content and real fruit juice inside.


Party Mix, Fizzy Mix and Tangy Mix are three large bags of jelly mixes with some of our most popular shapes in plain, fizzy and sour versions to cater for all tastes.
Tangy Mix 200 Bags

Tangy Mix are a sour mix with an assortment of Sour Cola Bottles, Sour Fizzy Blue Bottles, Sour Mini Strawberries and Sour Bears.

Party Mix 200g
Party Mix are a fruity jelly mix with a mixture of Jelly Bears, Cola Bottles, Jelly Hearts, Juicy Berries and Fried Eggs.

Fizzy Mix 200g Bags

Fizzy Mix contain a fizzy mixture of Strawberry Puffs, Fizzy Blue Bottles, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Watermelon Rings and Blue Raspberry Bottles.


Fruit Chews

Whilst there are many chews available out there, our Sweetzone Fruit Chews are unique and centre filled. They come in Strawberry, Cherry, Orange and Apple flavours. These are extremely fruity as a result of the real fruit juice in them which gives them a real point of difference in terms of superior taste and enjoyment.

Mega Stix Bags

Mega Stix are a very popular product – these are chews in the shape of Stix and come in Watermelon, Cola, Cherry and Strawberry flavours. With real fruit juice and natural colours.

Tropical Blast

These are one of our tastiest products. Like our normal fruit chews, these are centre filled but this time they come with a melon and pineapple centre, or alternatively watermelon and tropical centre. These are pretty awesome and different to any chews you’ve had before.

90g Bags

90g-fizzy-cola-bottles 90g-rainbow-belts 90g-rainbow-pencils90g Fruit Salad 90g Strawberry Lips 90g Bags - Sour RingsRed & Black Berries 90g 90g Cola Bottles Neon Worms 90g90g Fizzy Blue

The are our range of mini bags which are ideal as individual treats. A popular range with a good selection of fast selling favourites.

If your local shop is not stocking our bags and you think there would be a good demand in your local area, please ask them to get in touch and we’ll be happy to put them in touch with a local stockist.