1p Tubs

With almost 30 varieties, our range of 1p tubs is the largest range in the UK.

We have most of the classic favourites like cola bottles and gummy bears as well as a good number of fast selling lines with a point of difference such as teeth, lips, berries, mini pencils, bubblegum balls, tutti frutti bottles, fizzy blue bottles and more.
1p Blue Raspberry Bottles retouch_rgb1p Cola Bottles1 retouch_rgb1p Fizzy Blue Bottles retouch_rgb1p Fizzy Cherry Bottles retouch_rgb1p Fizzy Cola Bottles retouch_rgb 1p Fruity Love Hearts retouch_rgb1p Juicy Lips 1p Little Teeth retouch_rgb1p Juicy Berries 1p Rainbow Belts retouch_rgb1p Rainbow Pencils retouch_rgb1p Strawberry Puffs1 retouch_rgb1p Watermelon Bottles retouch_rgb